VPN ManagementΒΆ

The UH VPN website acts as the command and control centre for all UH VPN deployments. UH VPN clients and servers rely on the availability of this site to provide functionality such as network authentication, configuration updates and much more. Every time a change is made on the website, this change is securely pushed to all relevant UH VPN clients and servers. This removes the need for administrators to ship new VPN profiles to clients and install new cryptographic keys for servers, instead this can all be done securely, quickly and easily through the simple to use web interface without any extra intervention required from end-users of the service.

The overarching structure of the management interface within the website is based around the following concept:

Groups of people own devices which authenticate onto servers.

This is the simplest explanation for the inspiration behind the interface structure and further explanations for each of these terms is detailed below.