Group Administrators

UH VPN groups can have more than one administrator. This enables multiple user accounts to control all aspects of the group. This setup is particularly suited to environments where more than one person is responsible for VPN operations. For example, IT engineers within a company.

To associate or remove an administrator one must first click the Edit Icon icon next to the appropriate group in the management page. After clicking, one is presented with a page displaying group administrators and billing information.

Associating a new admin

To associate a new administrator to the group one must first click the “Associate New Admin” button at the base of the list of admins. One is then prompted for a user ID of the admin one wishes to associate. This can be found on their profile page. Once entered, click submit and the new administrator will have access to the group in their management page.

Deleting an admin

It is also possible to remove administrators from a group. To do so, one needs only to click on the Edit Icon icon next to the admin they wish to remove.


It is not possible to remove oneself from the list of admins, as doing so could potentially leave the group with zero administrators.