Group Billing

Billing for UH VPN is handled at a group level and not at a user level. As such administrators of groups can easily control how each group is financed. UH VPN holds card details for core licenced groups through its payment partner, Stripe. All card details are held securely by Stripe, and billing occurs monthly at a rate of £4 +VAT per device used in a monthly period. For example, if a group contains 3 people each with 2 devices, the bill would be £24 +VAT.

Group billing is handled in the group settings page which can be accessed by clicking the Edit Icon icon next to the associated group in the management page. Here, one is able to view their billing period, card details (shown dynamically in the card image), utilisation rate and pending charges.

Updating Card Details

If card details need to be updated. For example, card currently used has expired. This can be accomplished by clicking the “Update Card Details” button at the base of the group settings page. One will then be presented with a card collection modal. Once card details have been entered and verified, the new card will overwrite the old card and billing will continue as normal.

Cancelling Subscription

If one wishes to cancel their UH VPN subscription, this can be accomplished by clicking the “Cancel Subscription” button at the base of the group settings page. Once cancelled, the group will remain on the core licence until the end of the billing cycle; at which point a final bill will be taken and the group will transition into a frozen state where VPN operation will cease to function.