Static Profile Export

UH VPN has the ability to export UH VPN device profiles in an OpenVPN compatible format to allow administrators to cater for users running more exotic operating systems where UH VPN client applications don’t exist.

To export an OpenVPN profile click the Export Icon icon next to the device in question. One will then be presented with a modal prompt with two fields:

  • Server : The server to link the static VPN profile to. Static profiles can’t utilise multi-server selection and thus have to be bound to a single server. Select the appropriate one from the list.

  • Auto Add Credentials : Certain OpenVPN applications permit credentials being auto-filled by the configuration profile, select this option if the client application supports this.

When the download button is pressed, a compressed zip file will be downloaded. Once extracted the file structure is as follows:

  • README.txt : Details instructions on how to import the VPN profile.

  • OpenVPN Profile : OpenVPN config file to be utilised by an OpenVPN application. It is named to indicate the group, server, person and device in question.

  • credentials.txt : File containing the username (first line) and password (second line) to use when prompted by OpenVPN for credentials.


Only use this feature if absolutely necessary! Clients using these profiles will not benefit from dynamic secure updates, custom branding or enhanced performance. Use this feature at your own risk!