Connecting and Disconnecting

Connecting and disconnecting to/from VPN networks is a very simple procedure and is done solely from the menu bar.


To choose a base VPN profile to connect with select one from the Profile list:

Profile Selection

Then choose a server to connect to that’s associated with the group in question:

Server Selection

Once this is done, one simply needs to press the connect button at the top of the menu bar to connect to their chosen server and group.


If this is the first time a connection is made, a pop up will appear asking permission to install VPN profiles, one must accept this in order for UH VPN to function correctly.


Once connected to a VPN server, one needs to simply press the disconnect button at the top of the menu bar to completely disconnect from the VPN server in question.


If one wishes to switch VPN profiles or servers quickly, it is possible to select a different profile or server whilst connected and UH VPN will dynamically reconnect to a chosen selection in real-time.