Removing VPN ServersΒΆ

Removing servers cannot be done whilst the uh-vpn-server service is running. The service needs to be stopped, then the associated token removed from the token store in /etc/uh-vpn-server/tokens and then the service needs to be restarted.

This operation has the side effect of halting all VPN servers configured on the host machine.

sudo service uh-vpn-server stop

Now, the associated token needs to be removed from the token store:

sudo nano /etc/uh-vpn-server/tokens

This will bring up an editor prompt like so:

Token store

Remove the token and save the file (Ctrl-X in nano). The service can then be restarted by issuing the command:

sudo service uh-vpn-server start

One should then check that the service is up and running:

sudo service uh-vpn-server status

The output should say active (running) as depicted below:

Expected status