Adding VPN Servers

It is possible to add servers whilst the uh-vpn-server service is running. To do so, one must update the token store in /etc/uh-vpn-server.

First, an API token for the relevant server must be obtained from the website by following the instructions for obtaining API tokens. Once this is done, it is necessary to append this token to the token store by following the steps outlined below:

sudo nano /etc/uh-vpn-server/tokens

This will bring up an editor prompt like so:

Token store

In this example, the token (0123456...) has been appended to the file. Once this is done, save the file and exit the editor (Ctrl-X in nano).


It is possible to add as many tokens as you wish to this store in order to run multiple VPN servers at once. However, one must ensure that servers don’t share the same socket (port + protocol) or the same tunnel network if running on the same machine.

Now the server simply needs to be restarted in order to detect the new token:

sudo service uh-vpn-server restart

It is possible to confirm the acceptance of a new token by viewing the last few lines of output from the uh-vpn-server service daemon:

tail /var/log/uh-vpn-server/daemon.log

The last few lines of this output should acknowledge the new token and confirm that the associated configuration has been downloaded and installed:

Token acceptance