UH VPN is becoming Enterprise-only

As of 27th November 2020, UH VPN will no longer be available to new users without an Enterprise subscription as we are switching to focus exclusively on our enterprise customers. Current customers will all be notified by email shortly after this post is made live.

But why?

Since launch, UH VPN has grown rapidly. We’ve created bespoke custom brandable native applications for all major platforms, created custom images for AWS and Digital Ocean making setting up our server package extremely simple and easy, and created a specialised DPI evasion engine to increase our connectivity in regions with Internet censorship.

We want to make sure that our customers get the best possible experience with UH VPN, and we know that the best way to do this is through our Enterprise plan. We’ve seen significant interest and growth in this area, and as a result have decided to focus all of our developmental resources towards that so we can continue to deliver the high quality product we have always sought to create.

What will happen to my current UH VPN workflow?

We are still committed to your security, and want to make this move as painless as possible for those that have embraced UH VPN into their current workflows. Therefore, current users of UH VPN will continue to be able to use the service; all current groups will continue to be fully functional and fully available as they exist now. This means that:

  • All current users will be able to log into the UH VPN management console and manage their current groups.

  • All UH VPN apps and server packages will continue to be freely available and receive security updates.

  • All VPN connections will continue to work as they have done until now.

  • All features available to your current group tier will continue to be available.

    • Free Groups will still be able to add and remove a single device for free.

    • Premium Groups will still be able to add and remove devices, and will be billed as normal (£1 GBP ex VAT per device).

  • Our public issue tracker will remain online and we will continue responding to any reports/feature requests made there.

What is changing?

We wouldn’t be writing this post if there weren’t any changes. Specifically the following will change:

  • Current users will not be able to create new Groups.

  • New users will not be able to sign up to UH VPN.

Please note that this means that if you delete your group, you will not be able to recreate it.

What will happen in the future?

UH VPN is not going away! We will continue to work hard on UH VPN for our Enterprise clients, bringing in new functionality, state of the art features and even greater support packages.

If you are interested in an Enterprise license, please get in touch with sales@ultra-horizon.com to discuss your requirements.

We will revisit the status of UH VPN over the course of 2021, and the uh-vpn.com website will be updated and current customers will hear from us if we reopen sign-ups.